We found this glowing grave marker at Drummond Hill CemeteryThe tunnel at Fort George rumors to host the ghost of a little girl.
We provide free investigative services in Southwestern Ontario.

Let's face it, unexplained events happen all the time and our group investigates these events whenever we have the opportunity.
We are not trying to prove that ghosts exist and we are not trying to prove the opposite. There are often legitimate explanations for strange occurrences. We determine what they are and then get them out of the way so we can focus our attention on the unexplained.

<h3>Private Investigations</h3>
<p>Private investigations often take place in a dwelling or the location of a small business where the owner(s) or tenant(s) believe there is something happening within a building that they can’t explain.</p>
<h3>Group & Guest Investigations<h3>
<p>Group investigations are pre-arranged investigations in buildings that we know to have reported paranormal activity. This is the perfect opportunity for us to test equipment and bring guest investigators along.</p>
<h3>Public Investigations<h3>
<p>Public investigations are often conducted out in the open where we have access to historic areas that may be littered with folklore. We take this opportunity when teammates travel, and sometimes invite members from other teams to join.</p>


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